Museum of Ice Cream

October 30, 2017

After months of being sold out, today we finally got the chance to visit the Museum of Ice Cream. You know you have arrived when you see a huge pink building and ice cream stamped on the floors. When purchasing you have a choice to pick a date and time to visit. When you arrive, there is a small waiting area where you wait until your group is called.


The museum is divided into many rooms and when you first enter you are in a small room with a cute decorated wall, an ice cream cart filled with Dove chocolates free to grab, and a long pink door.


Telephone Room

The next room is pink filled with telephones. Even though you enter as a group you are free to continue to the next rooms without them. The only thing they ask is that you can’t go back to a room once you left.



Ice Cream Room

Almost every room you enter has samples that they give out. This next room is a large room with three of the walls covered in cute wallpapers and signs.

They have pink palm trees and the cutest pink and yellow banana leaf wallpaper. Here they had ice cream samples which vary in flavor on the day you go but today they had it in the flavor birthday cake, which is honestly one of the best I’ve tried.



Banana Room

The next room you enter is the banana room. There they have two swings for photo ops and hanging yellow and pink bananas. I didn’t take any photos on the swings because there was a long line. But since everyone was occupied there the other part was pretty empty.



Mint Room

The next room is a mint green room and in it they grow mint leaves.


The only difference with this is that they grow it with chocolate so it doesn’t give a strong minty smell. Here they also provide mochi mint and chip ice cream samples.



Rainbow Room

The next room is a colorful room where they have half of the wall painted with rainbows and in the other half they have colorful panels.


White Hallway

After you exit this room there is a long white hallway filled with various decorations mounted to the wall all painted white.

Close to the end they have a monitor where you can take a videos and send them to yourself.



Giant Popsicle Room

Here they have a white room with giant popsicles coming out from the walls.


Gummy Bear Room

In this room they have giant gummy bear statues you can pose next to and take pictures with. This is possibly one of the rooms where you are actually allowed to touch anything.  Here they have a cart where you are given gummy bears.


Black Ice Cream Room

Upon entering, they have a cart where you are able to choose from chocolate, cherry candy and black licorice. You aren’t really allowed to get to close to the art work.



Sprinkle Room

They obviously saved the best room for last. Here they have the amazing pool filled with sprinkles. The only thing bad about this is the fact that you only have 2 minutes to be in there. They provide you with lockers to put your belongings and shoes.


Being in there I felt like a little kid. But to be honest I didn’t really take in account the depth and almost broke my ankle going in. Even though you are almost trampled by the other people it is honestly a great experience. Just be warned because you will get sprinkles EVERYWHERE.


After finally getting my hands on tickets after months of wanting to go, I can honestly say that this is by far one of my favorite museums. I can not wait until they go back on sale to be able to go back and this time with more than 30% battery.


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