Mercy Flores
26 | California


For any horoscope fanatics out there I am a cancer and an introvert. I keep certain parts of my life rather private but the rest is always shared and captured. I love Disneyland but since the rise of covid I haven’t been as often as I use to. I started my blog to share my interests in traveling, fashion, food, and photography.  I have a wandering spirit and am constantly looking for a new place/city/country to visit. When I have the time i’m all over Los Angeles, San Diego, or Orange County as a tourist. I am constantly checking out new places with my phone in my hand, taking as many pictures as I can. If I find the beauty in almost anything and am constantly capturing every moment. The sole purpose for my blog will be to try to constantly share and interact with people with similar interests as mine.  I love everything having to do with the blogging community even now that its been a bit replaced with vlogging. I do love the idea of video content but there is something about photography that captures my interest a bit more.