Cancún, Mexico

My first trip since March 2019 so, we decided on somewhere close by with not too many flight hours. I decided to do a 9 day stay to enjoy and explore what the Yucatan peninsula had to offer.

Where we stayed:

Rui Palace Peninsula: An all inclusive hotel on Zona Hotelera.

Places we visited:

Chichén Iztá

Cenote Hubiku

Ek Balam

Cenote X-Canché

This was our second cenote of our trip. It started to rain for half the time we were there. While some of us swam, the others enjoyed a meal made by the people who live there. This was definitely an ethereal experience.


A small town with colonial architecture. This is a couple of minutes from Chichen Itza, Ek Balam and the Cenote X’Canche. We didn’t get to explore much since it was pouring rain.


Tulum Ruins

Isla Mujeres

Cenote Dos Ojos

For around 800 pesos they take you snorkeling in three different cenotes that makes up Dos Ojos. The last part of the tour they take you in a bat cave, while you are swimming around there are hundreds of bats overhead squeaking and flying around.

Cenote Jaguar

It was in the same area as the Cenote Dos Ojos. They were about to close so we only enjoyed a few minutes of the area.


Boarding a Mexican gondola, you will be greeted with a cultural and festive environment. Be prepared to eat, drink, sing, dance and laugh… unless you are not one to enjoy either of those things. I highly recommend going dressed appropriate because mosquitos are everywhere. They provide bug repellent but even then it doesn’t 100% guarantee not getting bit.

Lake Bacalar


We did take time aside from tours and traveling to relax and spend down time at the hotel.

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