@ home


Day 24543… of being home, I am trying everything to keep my days busy. Due to what is going on around the world, there is currently no other option than staying indoors. From personal experience, I truly miss the ability to go out even to run errands. But even so, I truly hope that everyone out there is currently doing alright.

Finding things to distract yourself, trying out new recipes or even doing house chores can easily be a distraction to make the days go by faster. With this extra time on my hands, I have decided on restarting my blog after a long time of inactivity. Reminiscing on old trips that I have failed to document, I now have the time to go back and go through all my old travel photos. Having destination fever, sadly for two reasons, has cut down my traveling possibilities this year. So, with that, I will be stuck on old travels. But remember even with the situation seeming never-ending, try your best to keep busy and positive.  Wash your hands often and sanitize your phone since its something touched often throughout the day.




-April 08, 2020-


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