Paris I

March 13, 2019

Bonjour belle ville

With hopes to one day be back, 2019 was the year it finally happened. On March 11th we departed from LAX to CDG. Paris was the start of this wonderful 16 day Euro trip. Sadly, in each city, we didn’t spend as much time as I hoped. In Paris, we stayed for 3 whole days, including the arrival day and the departure day, which sadly it wasn’t enough to see a whole lot. Being back brought back wonderful memories and also allowed the opportunity to create new ones.

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The weather in Paris was possibly the worst of all the European cities we visited. Thankfully, I was well prepared for the trip, clothing-wise at least.

Since everywhere I seem to go, I usually tend to stress about not capturing the perfect photo. Because of this, I don’t quite enjoy what goes on at the moment and regret I am so glued to my phone. I decided to not overuse my phone and just take everything in. I did, in fact, capture some photos on my new camera. My mistake was not familiarizing myself 100% with it before the trip and because of it, I feel my photos could have come out better. Either way that didn’t stop me from trying to capture the beauty that is the city of Paris.


The first place we decided on visiting was Notre Dame Cathedral since it is a must-see tourist spot. This time I was able to climb the steps to the top and see the breathtaking (literally) view of the city.












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The last time I was in the city, seven years ago, I didn’t get to visit Musée d’Orsay. Rushed by time, each of our stops, including here, wasn’t a long visit. This way we were able to visit more places.








Of course, Arc de Triomphe was our next stop.


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