Paris II

 March 14, 2019

se réveiller à Paris


Our second full day of being able to explore the city. We tried to cover as much as we could with the little time we had. The weather definitely interfered with the number of places we could have enjoyed.


The first thing we headed out to do was visit the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre. Since it was the furthest location from our hotel, we decided to visit first.





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After spending a couple of hours admiring the area and keeping warm from the cold, we headed back to the Lourve.


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Despite the size of the Lourve and everything to see, we only had enough time to be there for under an hour. I was disappointed since there was so much to see and I wanted to see what I didn’t get a chance to see the last time I was here. I, fortunately, got to see some other pieces of art along with seeing the famous Mona Lisa.




 After visiting the Louvre, we headed out to visit the Eiffel Tower. The last time I was in the city I had the opportunity to visit the top of the tower. With a long line and cold temperatures, I decided to visit a nearby café, Brasserie de la Tour Eiffel, while my mother waited in line.

This day out if the three days in Paris, felt the coldest. So, right after we headed out to the Catacombs of Paris. Being the preferred destination for my sister, we headed out before they closed.

After spending almost four hours, we exited the Catacombs when the sun was already setting. Before heading back to our hotel to end our day, we headed out to the Trocado to get a last glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. We tried beating the sunset, but failed because of traffic. We arrived when the sun had set and luckily for us, it started to sprinkle. Despite the terrible weather, it didn’t stop us from enjoying the view.

Arriving back at our hotel, we started to pack to catch a flight out early the next day.

Au Revoir Hotel

Au Revoir Paris


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