Chia Pudding

August 22, 2018

Since I am always rushing out in the morning to start my day, I decided to look for more healthy breakfast ideas that are fast and simple. I came across Joycelyn Linh’s blog, and decided to recreate her chia pudding recipe with some small adjustments. (you can add more or less of any of the ingredients to have it tasting just however you’d like)


1/2 cup of chia seeds
1 tbs vanilla extract
2 cups of coconut milk (or any other non dairy or dairy option)
3-5 tbs of honey or agave (more or less depending on how much you like)




I added everything in a 32 oz mason jar and mixed everything. You refrigerate for about 2 hours and then top it with your choice of berries, fruits, or your choice of toppings. I decided on making it as simple as I could, but you can also add peanut butter or cocoa powder for a different flavor. The consistency is something similar to tapioca pudding but I personally love it more. It only takes about 5 minutes to do and not only does it have lots of health benefits but it tastes delicious as well! I hope you enjoy this ‘recipe’ as much as I did.

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