OC Fair

July 26, 2018
August 03, 2018

Who loves fair food but hates fair rides? The OC fair has always been a huge favorite of mine ever since I was a little kid. But, I’m going to be honest and say that this time is not really about the rides but more about the FOOD! Where else can you find fried frog legs and bourbon soaked donuts topped with cinnamon, all at the same place. Two trips for us wasn’t enough but it sure was for our bank accounts.



It took us two trips to get through everything we were craving and only because our stomachs didn’t let us, we didn’t get any more. But one of the vendors that made us go back had to be Cathy’s Cookies, they sell a bucket of about 36 freshly baked cookies, and some of the best I’ve tried.


When traveling with anyone who is hungry, the food sometimes doesn’t make it for the photo, and this happened to me for our two trips.



Like I stated above, we really didn’t go for anything other than the food, photo booths, and vendors. And, before leaving I came across a tent where you are able to feed lorikeets, their ig is @lorikeetsencounter. For only $5 you are given a small cup of nectar that you can feed to the lorikeets. They are incredibly cute but they do have a sassy, aggressive behavior so they might bite.




The fair ends on August 12, but if you don’t make it on their last day, the LA fair opens on August 31 in Pomona.





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