Catalina Island

August 01, 2018

Missing our 9 a.m. departure was a huge set back, but at the end it all worked out. Since the next boat out to Catalina Island wasn’t until 12:30 p.m., I headed out to a coffee shop a couple of blocks from the docks called Day Dream Surf Shop. Not only is it a coffee shop but it doubles as a shop that sells some of the cutest things varying from clothing to candles. And yes, they do sell surf boards as well.

iced rose cardamom latte

Since it was pretty early in the morning, there was any place to sit but it allowed me to view the cute things they had for sell and snap a couple of photos.

Right after a quick visit to grab some coffee, we headed right out to San Pedro to catch the next boat out to Avalon. The boat ride was brief, especially for me since I took a nap for the duration of the trip.

We arrived in Avalon and headed out to pick up our golf cart rental, since they don’t offer full cars to rent.

Two Harbors

We drove around the island for an hour, taking the scenic route.

And right after headed back where we started to go grab a bite to eat. Since it was a small family outing, no one really agreed on what we wanted, so I decided to go my own way to find something I wanted and came across this cute organic cafe called Cafe Metropole. My sister ordered a pulled pork sandwich (pork, grilled onion, & muenster) and I ordered a CB+A sandwich (grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, chipotle mayo & swiss) with a watermelon lemonade.

We reunited and headed down to relax by the beach, taking in the rest couple of minutes we had to enjoy the island until the boat departed.

We only had less than 6 hours to enjoy everything and it really wasn’t enough, especially when you’re with people who can’t agree on anything. It was a great small outing and thankfully everyone liked it enough that we will be heading back in 3 weeks and staying a night there to actually enjoy everything the island has to offer. But, until next time, it was nice to go back after about 6 years.

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