Cabo San Lucas

For the first trip of the summer, we headed out to Baja California for a mini family vacation to Cabo San Lucas. We had bought tickets a couple of months before we departed from San Diego International Airport on July 10th.



Although Cabos is technically on the ocean, it is a Mexican desert climate, with lots of humidity and sun to keep you by the beach all hours of the day. The time difference from California is only an hour ahead, which will not take a huge impact on your sleeping schedule.

We stayed at the Rui Palace hotel and it was astonishing at how vast and beautiful it was, and even with the room confusion, it is top ten of the best hotels I have yet stayed in. The stay was all inclusive; room service, mini bar, coffee shop, restaurants, bar, clubs, and massages.




The first day we all decided on taking a calm, relaxing day exploring our surroundings. We dropped off our luggage in our rooms and changed into our beach outfits, we then headed down to see what the hotel had to offer.


Even with lots of stairs to climb up and down, it was amazing. Just a few steps and you were already feet deep into the sand. The hotel had about 5 or more restaurants, serving different food types, some were buffets and some were just restaurants.




We arrived in time to have breakfast, and we stopped at a continental breakfast buffet. Seated a couple of feet from the ocean, sipping on cool wine. Once we were done, we went down to dip our feet in the ocean and then relaxed under a grove of palm trees.





Straw hat: Target


Day Two

July 11, 2018

I underestimated the bite of the mosquito and I definitely can say that they are much bigger and violent than the ones here in SoCal. Since we couldn’t really take a bottle of repellent because of TSA regulations, I went through the night without any. I was awaken around 5:30 in the morning with many bites on the left side of my body. But, on the bright side, I was able to see and experience the sunrise.




After getting dressed and having our breakfast, we were ready to head out and explore more our surroundings.


But, little did we know that my mother’s adventurous spirit had other plans in mind. After driving two hours, we arrived out in La Paz. We spent about an hour or two exploring everything the city of La Paz had to offer. It was a bit warmer than Cabo but, we didn’t let it get to us.






Day Three

July 12, 2018

After a bit of disappointment of yesterday, today we decided on actually exploring our surroundings (finally). We headed down a couple of hotels over to where they had the tours departing from and we headed out to sea.

save-new 2


This little cutie posed for my photo!

We went around and toured the famous Arch rock & Lovers Beach and took as many pictures as we could with the little time we got.









After about an hour of taking pictures we were dropped off for about an hour to do some snorkeling. I sadly didn’t have a waterproof camera or case so I didn’t take any underwater photos. The water was fresh compared to the hot, humid weather, and very clear.



An hour later, and our boat guide came to pick us up, to catch another boat to do some parasailing. When we arrived at shore, we had to get off quick because the tide was coming in. Mind you that there are no docks there and the boats pick and drop you off getting as close to shore as possible so you won’t have to do any swimming but, not too close so they won’t get beached. My mother as impatient as she is, was the first one-off  and fell into the water, soaking her cast. Frustrated, we headed out to the nearest  hospital to get it taken off, missing our boat to parasail. So, instead we went back to the hotel to shower, grab dinner and relax by the pool.




Day Four

July 13, 2018

With our flight leaving at 5 p.m., room check-out at 12 p.m. and our car rental due at 3 p.m. we couldn’t go out and do much. So instead we had a final relaxing day, to take in the last of beautiful Cabos. I woke up the earliest so after packing everything up,  I decided to get a cappachino at their cafe and took my last walk on the beach.




Four days wasn’t long enough to take in everything Cabos had to offer and driving back to the airport was extremely difficult because I was ready to extend my trip a couple of days more. But, since I got a small taste of Cabos, I will definetly be returning, hopefully before the summer ends!

Downtown San Diego



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