Salvation Mountain

June 14, 2018

Temperatures out in Slab City can get pretty hot. Right after coffee, in Downtown Palm Springs, we headed out to Salvation Mountain. We tried to get there before the day got any hotter, but we still managed to get there right when the sun was at it’s highest.

Salvation Mountain was created by a local named Leonard Knight. His vision for this mountain was to spread the message of love, high and bright enough for everyone to see. You can read more about it here, It is a beautiful display of different bright colors that paint the desert of Slab City.








IMG_7287 2


East Jesus is about a mile down the road from Salvation Mountain. Here is where local artists bring together their artwork for the public to see. Each piece has their own unique outlook, which at the end brings together the whole idea of the artists vision. Being the second time here, there has been many additions to the last time I was here.




The three times that I have been here there is something new added. It’s a fun experience, especially to anyone that loves photography since there is much to capture. I would highly recommend anyone that has the opportunity to stop and visit.

Things to know:

  • it is about an hour and 20 min from Downtown Palm Springs
  • temperatures during the spring and summer time can get over 100 degrees
  • East Jesus is about a mile down the road from Salvation Mountain
  • there is lots of sand (obviously), so if you wear sandals you will get your feet dirty
  • there are donation boxes throughout the whole area if you would like to donate to the artists and caretakers that watch over the area, not obligatory (you can also donate online at the link above)

camera used: Sony a5000 

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