June 12, 2018


WonderSpaces made it’s way back to San Diego and my friend Liz & I decided to plan a visit. Wonderspaces is a pop-up museum that visits different cities. It displays art pieces from different artists from around the world. Entrance is $24, but with your student ID it’s $20. You have to purchase tickets with time because they do sell out! Every room is really different and fascinating, I highly recommend taking your time in there.

SUBMERGENCE by Squidsoup

INTO THE BREATH by Stefano Ogliari Badessi


MAGNETIC FIELD by Collective Void

AKOUSMAFLORE by Scenocosme: Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt

HOSHI by Nonotak Studio

VOLUMEN by Filip Roca

IMPULSE by Martin Messier

And here are some photos of the rest of the museum:

I didn’t take pictures of every room, and I really don’t know why I didn’t. If you are trying to visit I recommend going soon since it only lasts for about two months or so. It’s really worth the entrance fee!

Things to know:

    • parking is $16 for 2 hours or more (that’s what we had to pay)
    • The museum is located on B Street Pier
    • for more information on anything CLICK HERE


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And while you’re here, go read Liz’s blog post on WonderSpaces http://www.lizzzchizzz.com/wonder-spaces-san-diego/

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