Palm Springs

June 14, 2018

Everyone knows exactly how hot the weather in Palm Springs can get. So for today’s outing with my friend Liz, we decided to head out as early as we could to explore before the day got any hotter. We didn’t end up leaving the house as early as we hoped to but we still left at a decent time.

Ernest Coffee

For our first stop, we decided to grab some coffee at Ernest Coffee. I ordered a hot honey rose latte with a blueberry muffin, while Liz ordered an iced honey rose latte with a chocolate croissant.


After a semi-quick stop, we headed out on an hour and 20 minute drive to Slab City. There we visited Salvation Mountain and East Jesus. (separate blog post coming soon)

The Famous Pink Door

After about an hour under the scorching sun, we got hungry and headed back to Downtown Palm Springs. But before we did a quick stop to the famous pink door. Sadly, no photography was allowed but we still took a quick photo.

LRG_DSC02406 3



A couple of blocks down from the pink door, we had lunch at the Reservoir.


Ice Cream and Shop(pe)

What is lunch without some dessert after right? And what better way to cool down than with some ice cream. Two doors down from the Reservoir, we stopped to get an ice cream cone at Ice Cream and Shoppe. I ordered a lavender cone and Liz got the Coachella Valley date.

IMG_9512IMG_9518 2IMG_9513IMG_9521IMG_9530IMG_9575

Being under the hot sun really wore us down, we had a couple of other places we wanted to visit but at the end we just decided to go home. For half a day, I felt that we visited a decent amount of places. And to the other locations we didn’t go to, we plan to visit on a different trip out to Palm Springs and hopefully soon!

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