Upper Antelope Canyon

May 31, 2018


After a total of 8 hours on the road, we arrived in Page, Arizona. It’s a small city with the Grand Canyon right at your doorstep.

I booked the tour about a three weeks before the actual day. Tours are sold out months in advance so you have to constantly be checking to see if there are any last minute cancelations to book right away. For this day, I chose the 8 am tour. The drive from the tour office is about 20 minutes on the back of a truck. It’s quite a fun and interesting ride, aside from the wind tangling my hair up the whole way there.

Things to know:

  • website I booked my tour: https://www.antelopecanyon.com
  • the tour lasts about an hour
  • there are lots of people on the same tour with different agencies, so getting a picture of yourself without anyone in the way is very difficult. when you see a chance, take it because you might not get it again
  • there is sand falling from the top of the canyon so try not to look up as much
  • it’s really cool inside the canyon, so there is no need to worry about the heat
  • there is no hiking involved so you can wear a cute outfit without having to worry about sweating in it (I wish I knew this before I went)
  • wear closed toed shoes because there is lots of sand
  • one water bottle will do the trick
  • no big backpacks allowed
  • the lighting is constantly changing

Researching, I discovered that the best time to take the tour was at 11:30 because that is when the light peeks through the canyon all the way down to the floor. I was quite disappointed because that time wasn’t an option. But our tour guide told us that the 11:30  tour is very difficult to book. I didn’t know exactly if we were going to see much because we went pretty early. Starting the tour proved me wrong since the canyon has lots of beautiful features no matter the time of day and here are some pictures to prove it.

eye of the dragon




I was in awe with how beautiful the canyon was. Even though the drive was very long, I’m so glad I decided to take the trip out there. I have been wanting to visit the canyon for quite some time now, and now I can finally cross it off my bucket list. To anyone wanting to go, I highly recommend taking this tour!

The devices I used to take photos was the Sony a5000 and my iPhone 7 on the normal and vivid setting.


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