It’s a sign!

May 30, 2018


The drive out to Page, Arizona is a long one, especially if you don’t make any pit stops along the way. To not make the trip seem too long, we decided to stop and rest in Las Vegas Tuesday night. Before hitting the road Wednesday morning, we stopped at The Neon Museum in North Las Vegas.


Here is where the old hotels of the Las Vegas strip come to retire, as for their neon signs do. The day was really hot, and because of that most of the museum was blocked out due to safety hazards. We got to get a glimpse of what the museum has to offer, and it was pretty nostalgic to see a few signs of hotels I would see when I was younger. There are over 200 neon signs, 11 which are restored. They offer guided tours and self guided tours. Hopefully, next time I’m out in Las Vegas I will be able to view the whole boneyard. Until then, finally visiting here was amazing even with the scorching heat.




LRG_DSC01970 2


LRG_DSC01964 2

LRG_DSC01960LRG_DSC01963IMG_7291 2IMG_7293

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