March 18, 2018


After a 2.5 hour drive from Hangzhou, we arrived in Shanghai. Since it was almost dark out when we arrived we went on a river night cruise. Here we got to see the lit up downtown skyline of Shanghai from the river. It was one of my favorite things on this trip, it was breathtaking. And even if it was sprinkling and super windy, that didn’t stop me from taking lots of photos.






March 19, 2018


The next morning, we only the whole day to explore the rest of Shanghai. I personally didn’t feel like it was enough to explore such a big city because we didn’t get much free time. But, we got to do a bit of souvenir shopping in the Bazaar, although I admit it still wasn’t enough.






After shopping and lunch, we headed out to sightsee.



Even though we really didn’t get to see most of Shanghai, I have to say that it is one of my favorite cities. It is a very bright and beautiful city. Stay tuned for my last blog post for my final days in China.


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