March 16, 2018

After day 4 not being a productive day, today we had many places to visit. We started the day in Suzhou, known for their exquisite canals, gardens, bridges and more. From the hotel, we visited the Lingering Garden. Filled with many flowers, trees and bamboo, it’s a huge peaceful and beautiful place to wander.

Right after, we went to the Silk factory. There we saw the process of how silk is collected and made into the clothing, bedding, etc.

After having lunch at the silk factory, we headed to the historic Grand Canals. We boarded on a boat and toured the canals. Here we saw the different ways people live their lives by the water. Some homes and bridges date back to over 200 years. It’s quite an interesting and historic experience.

After a beautiful ride through the canals, we headed out to Wuxi (woo•she). It took us a little over an hour but we finally arrived to visit the Lingshan Grand Buddha. It’s one of the largest buddha statues in all of China, standing at 88 meters (about 289 feet) tall. It is a bronze beauty, with no photo doing the height of it justice.

(shoutout to my mother for laying on the ground to take this picture)

Wuxi was the coldest day yet but it didn’t stop me from exploring the Buddhist temple. Such tranquility radiated that place. I was amazed by everything I saw today, each place filled with it’s own beauty.


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