Facade Funhouse

February 27, 2018


When an opportunity for photoshoots come up, Liz and I are always willing to go anywhere. She came across the Facade Funhouse and right away we made plans to go.

It’s located in Costa Mesa, at The Lab Anti-Mall. The entrance is only $10, and you have the option to pay online or pay at the door. It’s a small museum with lots of sections. It’s all interactive and every section is very different than the other. We were lucky enough to have the whole place to ourselves since it isn’t a huge building. So, for each photo we took our time and tried our best to get the best pictures possible.

Once you arrive this is the outside of the place.


Once you enter you will first see a yellow living room, a flower wall with some mannequins, and a rainbow wall with some rainbow chairs.





In the next section you will find a black wall with a giant crescent moon and a retro room with a British flag.




In the next section you will find a pink and banana leaf wall with pink phones and a pink couch and a flower wall.





A the very back, there are three small rooms, one has a huge lit up ‘LOVE’ sign with red confetti and hanging hearts.



In the other room there is a pink fluffy wall with a tv and disco balls.

IMG_6726 2



The last room is filled with blue string lights and mirrors. It’s really hard to get a good picture in here because of the lighting.



It’s small but it’s a very fun interactive place. Everything I so cute to take pictures with, I recommend everyone to go.



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