5 “fun” facts about me.

I was nominated by Liz to post this so here you go!!!

1. I am a math major

I was originally a Bio major but I really struggled with it. At a meeting with my advisor he saw that all my math classes had the best grades so, he asked why I didn’t choose to become a math major. I have always enjoyed math and it comes pretty easy to me so why not.

2. I’m afraid of heights

I hate the idea of being so high up somewhere that it brings lots of negative scenarios to mind. Ferris wheels, hate them. I even get nervous seeing someone else so high up. I’ll do certain activities involving heights but just know I’m lowkey dying inside.

3. I HATE tomatoes 🍅

I can’t stand the smell or taste of them. I really don’t know how people like them honestly.

4. I’m an introvert

I’m a really awkward, shy, nervous person that hates being the center of attention. 98% prior to meeting someone, giving a presentation, or anything of that sort I tend to have an anxiety attack. And also naturally having a RBF doesn’t really help with anyone initiating a conversation with me so yeah!!! You will almost always find me alone with my thoughts.

5. I’m a Cancer ♋️

I’m not one to keep up with the horoscopes but I just know im a cancer.

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