bike riding around Key West

January 6, 2016

Next week i will be going on a trip and because of that I was asked to work everyday until my departure. And since I have been working everyday since the year started, here is an old adventure.

About two years ago today, my boyfriend and I went with my family to Key West.

While all the adults decided to take a paid tour around the island, we decided on renting a bike for 3 hours and tour on our own terms.

We didn’t get to go around the whole island but we did get to see the majority of it like downtown where all the shops, restaurants and bars are at.

The houses were all victorian style or a very cute pastel color.

And we also found cute cafés and restaurants hidden deep in the island.

The island is filled with a lot of museums of the island’s history and other topics. And a cute antique shop that I fell in love with.

I happened to take a picture of this sign outside the antique shop because of the pink pastel.

We also came across a rum distillery where you take a tour of how they make their product, provide samples to taste, and they even have packages for wine tasting. Sadly, at the time I wasn’t 21.

At the end of our 3 hours, we ended up by a private beach close to where we had to drop off the bikes.

Being my second time on the islands, this was my first time trying this out and I loved every bit of it. It’s a different experience and it’s way more cost efficient. With a paid tour guide, they only show you a few historic stops, which I recommend when it’s your first time there. But it being my second time, renting a bike allowed me to see everything in my time frame and places that the tour guide didn’t get to show me my first time there.

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