Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul

Being my first year shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I did quite the damage to my wallet. I thought i’d share what I got with you all since I am obsessed with everything.

Black Friday

Since I had the day off, I decided why not and go see what I would find. I honestly expected more deals on this day but I did manage to find some items that I couldn’t say no to.


Pacsun had buy one get one 50% off the entire store, so, my boyfriend got himself a t-shirt (not pictured) while I got these fluffy burgundy sandals at half the price.



Aldo had one of the best sales going on at the entire mall, sale items at 50% off and everything else at 20% off. Right after deciding to leave, I happen to find this gorgeous mustard bag at half the price.


And while I was waiting in line to pay, I decided to get these cute accessories at half the price as well.

Forever 21

At Forever 21, I really didn’t get anything discounted but I thought I might include it as well. I got this cropped, striped long sleeve and this light pink faux fur scarf.



Cyber Monday

Im not a huge fan of online shopping most of the time but I thought i’d take advantage of some of the sales going on.


I got two t-shirts from the Nordstrom website at half the price. One is a lace up Guns N Roses shirt and the other is a grey shirt with ‘Girls’ printed in burgundy across the chest, originally from Topshop.

LRG_DSC00591 3


Forever 21

The only thing on sale were these gorgeous floral booties. I also had a $20 off coupon and with it I bought two faux fur coats. The first one is this tri-colored cropped coat. It is absolutly gorgeous and I don’t regret this purchase. And for my last item, I decided to go simple because a black faux fur coat goes with everything!!





Missguided had 50% off site-wide and I was on the hunt for a tan suede moto jacket. I was lucky to find this gorgeous cropped jacket and at 50% off I was sold.  And because I needed a polka dot dress, I went ahead and grabbed this cute navy blue with white dots.




Aside from the suede moto jacket, I was also on the hunt for an aviator jacket. On Missguided all the jackets were sold out, so I went over to the Asos website and they had a few aviator jackets left in my size. The jacket is originally from Missguided. I also decided to pick up this cheetah printed belt as well.





I came across this website and found this cute vase (right). It is currently my favorite flower holder and it gives a lot of personality to my room. If you are looking for a vase any size or shape, this is the website for that.



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