Bardonna- Larchmont Village

November 30, 2017

After a long debate of where we should go eat, we finally decided on going to Bardonna at their Larchmont Village location.

They have a front and back entrance, we didn’t know about their back entrance so we parked less than a block away and paid for parking.

The back area is way more private than the front, since you are eating where everyone walks by. There is also the option to eat inside.

They have a large menu to choose from and everything we ordered was really good.

*taken from 
I ordered a chicken bowl with an Arnold Palmer and Liz ordered a protein bowl with a Kombucha.

This was my first time trying this place out and let me say that it’s one of the best chicken bowls I’ve tried yet. I have yet to go to their other locations, but if you want to eat and do some shopping afterwards this is the place to come.

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