Happy Place

November 30, 2017

Today, Liz and I headed out to the Fashion District in DTLA to a museum called Happy Place.

You pick a day and a time slot for the day of your visit online or you may purchase your tickets there if they have any available for the day.

When you first enter you are shown a video and after it’s done, you may continue to the exhibit. The first thing you see is a huge neon sign that says “don’t worry be happy” as you walk down.

Sadly, I didn’t capture the happy part.

Yellow Room

The first room you enter is a large yellow room with giant yellow stilettos.

Here they also have a cart where you are given m&m’s.

Monster Room

In here there are several sea monster statues where you are able to take pictures with.

XO Room

Here is a room with red wallpaper and red lips. In the middle you will find a giant mirrored XO that you obviously can’t touch.

And if you peek through the O you will be able to find a red lip shaped couch where you can sit and pose for pictures.

Neon Hands Room

The only thing in this room that you will find is the lyrics “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’ and next to it giant neon hands showing the hands clapping.

Birthday Cake Room

Upon entering, you are given the option to take a cake pop if you so desire one. This room has the walls decorated as if they were wrapped presents.

And in the middle you will find a giant birthday cake with candles that you can take as many pictures as you like.

Flower Room

This has got to be my favorite room out of the whole museum. Its a dark room decorated with many yellow and orange flowers.

There are ladders throughout the field of flowers that you may climb and peek your head through so you may get your photo.

It was kind of a challenge to get the perfect photo due to the lighting and the limited amount of ladders but it is quite worth the experience of being surrounded by many beautiful flowers.

Upside Down Room

The props in this room are hanging from the ceiling and in the center you will find a stand shaped as a chandelier where you may stand on to get your photo.

Rotate the photo 180 degrees and it will look like you are the one upside down.

Live Laugh Love

Here they have lit up signs that say Live Laugh Love.

Ducky Tub

Here they have an all yellow room with rubber duckies decorating the entire walls. In the middle you will find a yellow bathtub where you go in and pose for your photo.

Its quite a hassle to get out but the outcome is worth it.

Mirrored Room

In this room the walls are mirrored and you can basically take a photo of yourself or whoever and see yourself in three different angles.

Pardon the blurry photo

Lucky Room

This room is considered the lucky room but i didnt get too lucky here. The back wall has a huge rainbow that leads to a giant pot of gold. You get to jump in the pot but getting out is the hardest thing to do in a dress and heels.

Here is where I didn’t get so lucky, upon landing in the pot i hit my toe pretty bad with the plastic gold coins and it took me a couple of minutes to get out. And to make things worse, once i got to the top of the stairs, I fall down in front of everyone. COOL

Confetti Room

For what seems for a couple of seconds, you enter a bubble where a fan blows up confetti.

It’s pretty hard to get a decent photo since you are rushed, but overall, it’s pretty cool.

This museum was quite an interesting experience because every exhibit is unique and different to the ones I’ve been to before. The only thing I wish was different was the organization with the crowd. You did have to wait about 10 minutes or more for certain exhibits and because there was no control, there would be people in the way of your photos. Also, lighting was pretty bad in most rooms. But overall, I would highly recommend this museum to any art and photography lovers out there.

Souvenir shop

*Our prom photo

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