Tanaka Farms

October 10, 2017

Today, my boyfriend Clemente and I went to Tanaka Farms, located in Irvine, to go visit the pumpkin patch. They are currently collaborating with Sanrio and have lots of decorations for photo ops throughout the field.


General admission is just $3 if you are only going in to browse around and buy a pumpkin.


They have lots of fall activities varying from wagon rides, pumpkin carving and a corn maze. Sadly, we didn’t get to do any of it because of the heat. Upon arriving you see a huge field with many pumpkins varying in sizes and colors.

They give you the option to go out and pick out the pumpkins you desire and even provide a wheel barrel to those wanting more than one.  And if you don’t feel like going into the heat, they have barrels and crates of pumpkins to the left of the entrance to pick and choose from.


I simply loved everything there!! This had to be the very first pumpkin patch i’ve been to that had so many pumpkins in sight. And of course, I couldn’t miss an opportunity to take pictures.


Aside from the pumpkins they also have various vegetables growing and at the very back of the field you will find a sunflower wall.



I absolutely loved everything there, there is so much to see. You can honestly spend hours there doing various of activities with friends or family. Tanaka Farms is the best place to go to do any fall related activities, I highly recommend it.

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