How to fix a broken highlighter

One of the worst things to happen to a makeup lover is to have your highlighter, or any powders, broken. This technique is simple and efficient to restore your broken powders back to normal.

The items you will need:

  • a small bowl or container 
  • broken highlighter
  • a popsicle stick
  • rubbing alcohol 
  • 2 napkins 
  • highlighter brush 
  • a small product with a flat surface
  • measuring spoon (optional)


  1. Get your broken highlighter and dump all of the product into your small container.

*with the highlighter brush I cleaned out all the excess powder that was left behind


2. Grab your stick and start to break down all the bigger highlighter pieces until it is all powder.



3. Grab your rubbing alcohol and add 1 tablespoon of alcohol into the container.

Once added, mix it with your stick and it should look something like this. Everything at this point should be sticking together



4.  Dump it into your highlighter pan by using your stick and start spreading it out as evenly as you possibly can.


5. Fold your napkin and cover the flatted surface of your small container with the napkin.

*for my small container I used my Mary Kay Timewise day cream


6. Start patting the product and mold it according to the pan of the compact. Create a flat surface.



Once you are done with this step you should have something like this.



7. Clean up the excess highlighter around the pan with a napkin and you are done!!


PSA: Let it sit for a couple of minutes before using to allow it to dry!!!


By using this method it keeps your powders with their original formula and consistency. This a total lifesaver and it only take a few minutes to do. I hope this helps you guys with any broken powders you might have because we all know how expensive they may be. It doesn’t leave them store bought perfect but it will avoid the hassle of having to spend again.

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