LA County Fair

September 7, 2017

Liz and I were going to head out to LA to try a few coffee shops but instead ended up going out to the LA County Fair with Yesi.


On our arrival, we walked around the fairgrounds until we stumbled upon a zoo where we met Stanley the Giraffe.


From there we came across a tent where we were able to feed butterflies nectar FOR ONLY $5!! Upon entering we were greeted with lots of butterflies, I’ve honestly never had experienced something like it before and it was honestly the highlight of the trip…. aside from the food of course.


Before we decided to eat, we went on a few rides which I honestly have trust issues on. We all decided on going on the rides that don’t go too high off the ground because we love life.

After we had enough of the rides and our stomachs were begging for food, we decided to head over to Biggy’s where we ordered the Hot Cheetos Cheese Fries and Hot Cheetos Cheese Tots. They were both amazingly good and I highly recommend whoever goes to the fair to stop by and try some.


Overall, it was a great day with great company.

*If anyone plans on going to the LA County Fair stop by your local Subway and pick up a coupon that get you in the fair, unlimited rides and one game for only $29 + taxes.*

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