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I started my blog to share my love for traveling, food, and fashion. I, almost daily, visit new places and having a blog will help me project parts of my life with any readers with the same interests as mine.




Here is what you will find under each designated category:

Adventures: any new places I go to (concerts, museums, etc.)
Fashion: season favorites, lookbooks, and more
Food & Drink: restaurants or coffee shops that I have tried and loved
Lifestyle: everything else pertaining to parts of my daily life or thoughts
Travel: any new city, state, or country I go to
About: read a short summary about me and my life
Gallery: here I have some of my favorite pictures
Contact: for any questions, concerns or suggestions this is the place to go

I would love to hear from you all! So make sure to like and comment on any post. Your feedback is highly appreciated ❤